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Interviews with a storyteller


How to use this book

This book is to be used as a guidebook. Like a travel book; it is an atlas of places one can choose to travel. It is to aid and augment an individual's quest to find and claim the true life's purpose they were born to. Our world, and overall collection of cultures and societies, that exists today does not support our inner desire to be what we were born to be. We are pushed to live a collective dream of having and being the best, or at least better than the person next door or the person down the street. We need the faster car, the bigger house, the smartest kids, the most athletic kids, the top career in our field. This collective dream is an illusion. There is no fair form of measurement and there is always someone smarter, faster, wealthier. In our quest to fulfill this collective dream, we will always "fail", we will not live up to the expectations, and we are left feeling like we lost the race. For some, this ultimately leads to a deep and life threatening depression. As a culture, society and world, we desperately need to return to the Hero's Journey road map.

Part 1: Hearing the call:



“I want my dreams back”


Many of us gave up our dreams when we were very young.  Each of us may have done it for any number of very “valid” reasons. These reasons are only “valid” because we live in a world that does not truly support the dream of the individual and as a culture we have simply forgotten how. This is because we have not seen a new myth or fable born in this world for over 1,000 years and we have been without our guiding elders for almost just as long. We have lost our core ability to freely express creativity, especially as it relates to our God-given purpose, along with the talents and gifts needed to succeed at our designed purpose… our Hero’s Journey.  It is no great mystery that now the very idea of an individual dream being manifested into this world is a lost and ancient concept.

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