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"Finding our Golden Ball, A Hero's Journey Road Map" was designed to be experienced in a small group format. While a person can take themselves through the material, there is no substitute for the power of support that comes from being a part of a group of supportive people. When others come alongside of us and we feel supported, and instead of a lifetime of being told "We Can't", and instead we hear "We Can", there is nothing more powerful. The inspirational shot of creative adrenaline that is infused into our own want to succeed and claim the dreams we have left behind is immeasurable.

This page is for signing up for a group time that works for you. Below is a list of available group slots, please sign up for all slots that would work for you. Once a group has filled up it will be removed from the list and the group will officially launch. Please provide all information requested as once your group is ready to launch you will receive an email with all the information about the group start.

Multiple options are available for groups. 

6 week program that meets bi weekly for 2 hrs. Cost is split into two payments of $500.00

12 week program that meets weekly for 2 hrs. Cost is split into 3 payments of $333.00

Monthly programs:

Groups run for 25 sessions. Each session is 1.5 hours long.  Some groups meet on a weekly basis and some groups meet on a bi-weekly basis. Weekly groups are generally completed in about 7 months depending on where holiday schedules fall, and biweekly groups are generally completed in about 14 months, also depending on how holidays affect the particular day the group meets on. The price for participation is based on $40.00/session and is billed on a monthly basis. Weekly groups are $142.85/ month and are billed for 7 months. Bi-weekly groups are $71.42/ month and are billed for 14 months. Should a group run longer than the estimated 7 or 14 months, billing will stop after the 7 or 14 month time frame. Once the 25 sessions have ended the group can elect to disband or continue on to future curriculum that is currently under development

Resistance assessments and consultations are included in the group pricing. If you have paid for the resistance assessment and or consultation, that amount will be credited to your first monthly payment.

By registering for an available group time you are only registering your interest to participate. No payments or agreements will be signed at this time. You will be contacted to set up your initial individual consultation via email prior to the start of the group sessions.

Small Group Registration

All Hero's Journey Groups are currently full. Please sign up for our waiting list by providing all of your available times you could meet for a 1.5hr or 2hr group session.

Select group length you are interesed in.

Thanks for submitting!

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